About Mrs Claus

About Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus Seattle for hire

Let’s just say it out loud… Santa without Mrs. Claus would be sorely lacking. Without Mrs. Claus to bake cookies, keep an eye on the elves,  check the naughty and nice list and sing for the reindeer, how would everything get done?

It’s time to bring Mrs. Claus to the front and celebrate Christmas with a new look and narrative. In her heartfelt way, Mrs. Claus brings the love and hope of the season to every person she meets. Through her stories, songs, ornaments and cooking, Mrs. Claus brings her own authentic perspective and stories to the Christmas Season.

Mrs. Claus wants everyone to have the very best Christmas Season! Her love for people and the season is evident as she spreads Christmas joy to all who meet her.

Ever wonder what happens at the North Pole? How many cookies does Santa really eat and which is his favorite kind of cookie? Which reindeer have the best attitude? How many elves live at the North Pole? Get the real story and a big dose of fun when you have Mrs. Claus come to visit.

Mrs. Claus has had great training and experience!  She attended the Christmas Performer Workshop, Santa and The Business of Being Santa School as well as numerous other workshops, seminars, and conventions. Mrs. Clause has also visited assisted living residences, delivered presents to families, and been highlighted on TV through a web campaign for Bloodworks Northwest.

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